5 Key Tips To Protect Business Against Credit Card Fraud

Accepting credit and debit cards at your place of business is an absolutely essential part of managing your customer’s requests for a fast and easy checkout experience, increasing efficiency in your operations, and driving revenue. Not only does accepting credit and debit cards provide your customers a choice of payment in an increasingly cashless society, but customers that are paying with credit card spend on average 35% more than a customer paying with debit or cash. That means by providing tap-and-go, Interact flash, pay-at-table, or easily accessible payment solutions at checkout, you are encouraging those customers to use their credit cards, which is driving more revenue for your business.

However, the more credit card transactions that you accept, the more you risk costly chargebacks and fraud against your business if you are not prepared and educated on best practices for accepting credit card payments.

The following tips will help increase your payment processing security and reduce annual chargebacks and help mitigate credit card fraud.

PCI C0mpliancy

Being Payment Card Industry compliant is an absolute necessity. It is greatly important to make certain that your payment software is current, and EMV certified. As a merchant, you have a responsibility to protect your customer’s credit card information, just like you should be protecting all of your customer data. Make sure that when you are signing up for your payment solutions with your payment processor you look into your obligations for PCI compliance, and how they can help to educate you on your responsibilities.

The depth of the required PCI audit will depend on your business volumes and payment processing systems that being use by your business. As a best practice, do not store customer credit card data. If you have a business that requires billing your customers monthly, you must have a payment solution that is secure and properly store card data with your payment provider. Click here to find out more about PCI Compliancy.


Most credit card fraudsters and scams are due to the location of the payment processing equipment. Individuals that are trying to scam or fraud credit card information could try to tamper with payment processing equipment in an effort to steal vital credit card data and information, especially in high traffic areas. Altering payment processing equipment consists of external hardware that is inserted into the equipment, more typically the card swipe or pin insert. It is important to keep all payment processing equipment in well-lit, protected areas that are either under surveillance or managed by a responsible and trained employee.


Educating your employees is the first step to ensure proper transaction processes. Knowing how to spot tampered equipment, checking cardholder signature consistency, and asking the right security questions to the cardholder, will greatly reduce your risk of fraud and chargebacks. Also, ensuring proper transaction processes and educating employees on all payment processing equipment functionality will promote fewer mistakes and increase cardholder security. As the merchant, it is right to refuse the business of a customer if you suspect that they are trying to use a stolen credit card.


Keep track of current credit card scams that may be prevalent in your area or industry. Being up to date with what may be the next big credit card scandal will keep you ahead of the pack. Also, technology changes quickly, and best practices may not be enough if your payment processing equipment is dated. Get in touch with your merchant services provider and inquire into newer payment processing equipment that continues to introduce innovative secure equipment designed to protect your business and cardholder data. It is important to ensure that your business has equipment that does not put you or your customers at risk.


I have continued to stress the importance of building a relationship with a trustworthy merchant services provider. Payment processing is a complicated part of your business, and your merchant services provider should answer any questions that you may have quickly and effectively. Also, in case of fraud or costly chargebacks, you should know what the process is to rectify that issue. Working with a merchant services provider that has the knowledge and desire to ensure your business is secure will make the biggest difference in protecting yourself and your cardholder’s data.

It is imperative to take the necessary steps to protect your business’ assets. If it means posting signage around your place of business or instituting morning equipment inspections, nothing is more important than protecting your business and your customers.

MyMedicalMe – Easy Medical Bill Payment Portal

Nowadays, we all go to the hospital on time to get medical treatment or checkups. After checkups, we look for the pharmacy or medical stores to get medicines. Sometimes it gets challenging to keep the medical record. Some online platforms are available to help us, and mymedicalme is one of them. MyMedicalMe designed to make payment of medical bills online. It provides free facility to patients with a guarantee of secure payment. Therefore many hospitals and healthcare providers suggest that use the official site www.mymedicalme.com to pay bills. If you are already registered user, then take full advantage of It by logging. If you are not a registered user, then you will have to follow my medical me registration process. After that, it will become easier to pay bills and view account history.

What Is MyMedicalMe.com?

It is a medical billing portal that allows its registered users to pay medical bills online. The Mymedicalme does not charge any extra money from patients. It is a very secure and flexible portal to pay medical bills online. My Medical me accepts various payment methods such as credit card, debit card, net banking, etc. It is available anytime day or night to make an online payment, update insurance or address, view your account, or send a message to your billing office. It is also available in-app format on google play store or iPhone app store. My medical me app can be download from these two places if you want to use mymedicalme app on your smartphone.


How To register for MyMedicalMe

To sign up or register an account, you must follow the given steps. All steps are straightforward. You can do it without facing any hassle, now follow the guide, and get a login id or password quickly.

  • First of you will have to visit www.mymedicalme.com
  • After access on the homepage click on the register link
  • Now fill up the entire form easily such as
What is the Benefit of MyMedicalMe.com

There are various benefits of it. If you want to know its interest, then see below. As per the official portal, we have added some useful advantages.

  • View and print your bill online
  • View and your charge & payment history
  • Add or update Insurance information anytime
  • Set up payment order anytime
  • Make a payment online
  • Edit your contact details
  • Edit your notification preferences
  • Add, update, or change an auto-debit payment method

How To Login & Pay Your Medical Bill

The online login process is straightforward, it looks like making pudding. Below you will know the login trick in a few steps. So I’ll suggest you follow the given tips.

  • First go to the official site I, e mymedicalme.com
  • After reaching the official portal
  • You need to find login link on the homepage
  • On the login page, you will have enter username and password
  • After a successful login, you can check and pay the bill quickly.
  • After bill payment download receipt for future use

How To Recover Forgot Password

If you don’t remember a password and want to log in, you will have to follow the trick, which is available below. In my opinion, these useful tips will help you recover the password.

  • Go to the homepage of the site and click on forget password link
  • Then enter your username correctly in the field 
  • Check and Select Security Questions 
  • Then Answer the questions in the text field 
  • Enter the new password you want to keep
  • Again confirm the new password in the next field
  • Finally, click on the Reset option to recover the password. 

If you want to know more about it, you should contact the patient service department phone number I,e 1-866-770-2116 you can also email at custservice@mymedicalme.com

PayMyDoctor – Pay Medical Bills @ www.paymydoctor.com

Are you searching for the paymydoctor medical billing portal to pay healthcare bills. Then you are in the right place, through this article you will learn about it. The pay my doctor is a secure method to pay the doctor bills online. Through Paymydoctor you can easily get your medical report and much more information. You can make the full or fractional payments from your phone tablet or computer. After the payment completed, you can take the printout of it for further reference. To know about paymydoctor enrolment process see below we have written very clear about it. Hope you will love this process.

What Is PayMyDoctor

This is a medical billing payment portal designed by the Allscripts. The aim to formulate it for fast payment processing. It has been proved that paymydoctor works very fast for their client. Nowadays, the hospital does not pressurize its patients to pay the bills at the time of treatment. They recommend patients use www. paymydoctor.com official site to pay due bills. That’s why the massive patient use it because they know it saves time consumption. Now the question arises who can use it. According to the official portal, both register or nonregister patients can use it.  The registered customer will have to use the login information to access their paymydoctor account.


If you are not an account on paymydoctor.com then you will have to enter Client ID, Account Number, and Five Digit Zip Code exactly as it appears on your statement. You can also enrollment on pay my doctor official site. For more information visit the official site.

How To Enrollment Online

  • Go to the official site of pay my doctor
  • You will see create an account link on the homepage
  • Click on that Create / enroll an account link
  • Enter the details to the enrollment process for your online account
  • Finally, click on the Next button option and enter the verification code

What are the Benefits from Paymydoctor

There are various benefits of the electronic bill pay service paymydoctor.com. But here you will know the most important Paymydoctor benefits that patients get every time.

  • View your Pay my doctor account history up to one year
  • Make online bill payment full or partial
  • Enable auto-pay option in your account
  • Save Credit Card or Debit Card for bills payment
  • Download or take the printout of bill payment
  • Change email Id, Password and Mobile No

How To Pay Medical Bills by login Pay My Doctor Account 

According to the official site, the billing payment process is very simple and flexible. The patient will have to follow these steps.

  • Visit the official website of PayMyDoctor
  • After access, you will see the entire homepage
  • On it, there are two links, one for logging into your account and the other for creating an account.
  • you will have to go Log into an account side
  • Enter username and password to gain access
  • Finally, click on the login tab which is given below

Sometimes patients did not remember their login details. They forget due to some personal tension. If you are one of them then you need not worry. You can get it very easily from the official portal as well as customer service at the phone number or email address below.

How You Can Pay your bill without logging in

You can pay medical bills without accessing your account. Take your statement and see the Client ID, Account Number, and Five Digit Zip Code. These will be used to pay bills without logging paymydoctor.com

Hope this article will help you to pay medical bills using Pay my doctor official site. If you want to suggest any important topic related to it, please give it by the commenting method.

Are You a Confused First Time Credit Card Owner – It’s Alright.

 How does one be a savvy credit card owner? Getting your first credit card can definitely be exciting, especially since the world of credit cards is so varied and dynamic. Before you commit to any card however, it is advisable to do some homework and evaluation to simplify the process and maximize your credit card rewards. Here are some common tips for that:

1) Before Getting the Card

Be familiar with the perks, benefits and interest rates that First Time Credit Card Owner has. Save yourself the hassle of hunting down credit card promotions and deals using mobile applications such as Cardable. Take your time to consider the different options before deciding on one. By having a thorough understanding of how credit cards work, you can stay on top of the credit card issuer’s rules and regulations, and work within the guidelines.

Doing such a check ensures that you won’t be caught off guard by certain credit card fees, and it might even give you the upper hand in disputing any issues with the issuers. Knowledge is power, as they say, and it is no exception to this case.

It’s no secret that credit card issuers usually take a look at your credit scores before deciding if they should approve your credit card applications. The credit scores are likely to inform the banks if you are a reliable borrower which they do not have to fret over.

If you’re a little more on the financially savvy side, you’ll know some of the tips and tricks to make your credit score an almost perfect one. However, the general rule is to never default on payments for any loans or credit cards and you are in good standing to get approval for an application and be a credit card owner.

There are indeed many attractive credit card sign-up offers to dangle in front of the average consumer today. From free luggage to cash-back giveaways, these incentives do, of course, sweeten the deal for us.

However, it is good practice to read every condition on how to get your hands on that gift. One missed a fine print sentence or two might create a misunderstanding and disqualify yourself for the perk you might have signed up for initially. In addition, some of the benefits that the credit cards bring are only activated with certain minimum spending on the card; keep that knowledge on your fingertips too, so you won’t be sorely disappointed when the bank informs you of your ineligibility.

2) After becoming a First Time Credit Card Owner

You have passed all the financial institution checks and you’re finally a credit card owner. It’s time to use your card in a way that will best benefit you in terms of getting the purported card benefits and perks, saving you a huge amount of expenses.

The idea is to put in the minimum effort possible to obtain it and this is only done through proper planning of your purchases and monitoring of your expenses so far. Cardable has an exclusive upcoming feature that would help users find the perfect card suited to their lifestyle. Stay tuned!

Pay all bills on time

This is a must! Paying your credit card bills on time will not only keep you off the black books of the bank issuer but will also shape your credit score in the future. Employ the use of the numerous financial budgeting and bill reminder software or mobile applications and it might be much easier to remember the due dates for your credit card bills.

So, 5 things to remember:

  1. Ensure the card is right for you
  2. Have a favorable credit score
  3. Read the terms and conditions
  4. Plan your purchases and monitor your expenses
  5. Pay your bills on time

And you’re good to go!

We all know that a credit card is very important for everyone. It helps to pay bills of daily expenses as well as monthly.  Mainly people use the credit card for purchasing for goods later they transfer purchasing amount on EMI. For more detailed information read our blog post which is written about a good credit card score.

Doy you know about the medical billing portal if you did not know we are providing some short information on this page. There is one most popular billing agency is per your health in the united states. The Peryourhealth is an online medical billing portal that works for the associated hospitals and healthcare providers. For more detailed information visit per your health blog post.

TheDoctorBill – Pay Healthcare or Medical Bills here

Have you received any medical bills from the hospital or healthcare for your recent treatment. If yes, you can easily pay it online. There are various medical bill payment portal, but one of them is thedoctorbill. The doctor bill is an online platform where anyone can pay their hospital or healthcare bill online. It does not charge any extra money from patients. As per the official portal, thedoctorbill is legit and safe to use and not a scam portal. It collects the billing amount from you and sends it to the account of the hospital or healthcare provider within the minute. That is why the hospitals connected to it will offer you to pay the bill.

What Is TheDoctorBill.Com

As per the official site, it is a medical billing portal that is designed to pay the healthcare bills online. You can pay bills online by providing few login information such as Account No, Last name and DOB. After that, you will be able to access your account successfully and view unpaid or paid bills. You can also update your email Id, Password and address. So save time paying your bills with the doctor bill. It offers a billing process that is secure and manageable. If you want to know more about it, you can comment on this article and ask that our team will help as soon as possible.



What is the Process of Paying Bills online

The Process of paying medical bills with thedoctorbill is easy. This has made the official site very simple and flexible to pay the bills. To log in the doctor bill account, you have to follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, you will have to visit the official website of the doctor bill
  • After that, you will see login information on the homepage
  • Enter the login information such as account no, last name and date of birth
  • Finally, click on the login button
  • It will redirect you to your account

Sometimes users forget their account number. If you face this problem then you need not worry. You can get your account number from your billing statement. This will be mentioned behind the billing hard copy. You can also get help from the doctor bill customer center.


www.thedoctorbill.com has been replaced as physicianbillpay.com. Now customers will have to use physician bill pay site to pay medical bills. If you want to know more about physician bill pay visit its official site.

MyMedicalPayments – Pay your Medical Bills easily

Are you looking for an easier and unique way to pay the doctor and healthcare bills? Then you are in a good place in the world of the internet. In this article, we are going to discuss very well about MyMedicalPayments. It is an online medical billing portal that provides facilities for the payments of medical bills for patients. It does not charge any accessory cash from the patients. That is why many patients use my medical payments platform to pay bills of the hospital. Patients pay their medical bills without any exertion. Below you will know the login process as well registering. So don’t forget to scroll the page.

What Is MyMedicalPayments

It is an electronic medical billing platform. It allows the patient to pay the bills online at any time. The website is very secure and easy to make medical bills payments online. You do not need to register or sign up to pay the bill. It will ask your account number, Birth Date and Your Identity to access the account. This necessary information is available on your statement which you received from the hospitals. So enter the correct details and access your account from anywhere anytime. If you want to know more about mymedicalpayments site then visit its official website.


How To Sign up My Medical Payments site?

This question arises in the minds of all those patients who are willing to use it. Of course, it is important to know before using my medical payment portal. By the way, you will get to know about each step in detail here. We aim to provide the best information to users. All the steps related to registration are available below. You are strongly advised to follow the steps to get a signup process. If you are already a registered customer or patient, you need not to follow the register/sign up process you can directly access your account by entering the details that is account number and password or date of birth.

  • Ist step go to the official portal
  • 2nd step find register or sing uplink and click on it
  • 3rd step enter your name, date of birth email id, etc
  • 4th step finally click on the submit button
  • 5th step After hitting the submit button you’ll receive the email.

Note – The register or sign up process has been closed by the official authority. New users will not be able to register themselves. But they can pay their bills by using the account number and date of birth. The  8 digits account number will be in the statement.

How To Login My Medical Payments Account?

You can easily login or sign in your medical payments account from anywhere. But you must remember the login details. If you have forgotten your user ID and password, you can see the billing statement. My Medical payment account number is given on the back of the billing statement. For more detailed information visit the official site online.

  • 1st step visit official site I,e www.mymedicalpayments.com
  • 2nd step find payment link (if available)
  • 3rd step click on the link that you will redirect to the login page
  • 4th step enter your Account Number, Patient’s Birth Date & Verify Your Identity:
  • 5th step you can pay partial or full amount of bills
  • 6th step after payment you can take print out of the invoice

MyMedicalPayments Benefits Summary

In times past, There were not any online portals for the patients to make payments of healthcare bills. Now this time there are huge online websites that provide the facility to pay medical bills online. The Medical billing payment Portal works as an agent for the various hospital and healthcare service providers. They collect your healthcare bills amount online and transfer to the hospitals and health service provider account that are associated with the online bills payment portal. So you should check my medical payment benefits that you are going to use. There are some useful benefits are listed here.

  • Mymedicalpayments provides a Secure Payments
  • It gives option to manage account anytime
  • You can review your  account balance
  • you can pay partial or full amount
  • Patients can Update Your Billing Address
  • You can download your entire billing statement

Someone email me and ask that MyMedicalPayments.com is legit. I have research one month about it and find out a solution for users who asked about my medical payments legit or fake. As per my research that Mymedicalpayments.com safe and reliable you need not worry about it you can use freely. If you have any suggestions regarding it you feel free to suggest to me. Our team read your proposal carefully then update this page.

How to Break Bad Credit Card Habits

Bad Credit Card Habits – Over the years credit cards have grown to become one of the primary ways to pay for goods and services. To some, carrying cards is a necessity to others, there are many benefits to carrying one or more cards, the biggest one probably being convenience. When you want to make a purchase all you need to do is take out your plastic, swipe it, sign the electronic digital pad if required, and you can walk away with your purchase. Very fast, simple, and above all convenient.

However as with most things in life, with every benefit comes some sort of trade-off. And with credit cards, there are a number of drawbacks to consider. One of the primary negative issues associated with credit cards is the debt that can accompany it. According to statistics, in the United States, as of September, the average consumer debt per credit card that carries a balance was $7,743. This is actually down from a few years ago when this figure was $8,220, but still pretty high.

How to Break Bad Credit Card Habits

While the recession a few years back hit people hard and probably figures into these statistics, in other cases bad credit card habits are often at the root of the problem. Bad spending habits can range from some budget overspending to flat out not keeping track and, as a result, unexpectedly going into deep debt. In order to avoid falling into either of these categories, it is important to break any bad spending habits. Or if your credit balances have already spiraled out of control, you can change your habits and pull yourself out of the debt trap.

Strategies that can be used to break bad credit spending habits include:

Set a Budget and Track Receipts

With the ease of use credit cards,  it can be easy to overspend, not being limited to using cash. Many people tend to swipe a card without giving it full thought, especially on impulse buys. In this scenario, the charges can stack up quickly without a person even realizing how much he or she has spent.

Establishing a limited budget and setting up a system to track receipts can provide a goal to meet and also a visual to see where the money is going.

There are a number of ways to do this, including keeping a spreadsheet, adding in the charges as they are made. This way, a running balance can be tracked, needs can be calculated and you can visually see when to cut yourself off from excess spending. Additionally, through budgeting and tracking there are no surprises at the end of the monthly cycle when the bank sends its bill.

Bottom line — watch those receipts and don’t spend more than you can realistically afford.

Keep Minimal Lines of Credit Open

According to statistics provided by MyFico, the average consumer carries nine credit cards. Many may not even know how many they lines of credit they have open, as there are consumers that carry many more cards than nine.

Additionally, it is common for credit card companies to create promotional activities to entice consumers to open additional lines of credit. Creditors will offer rewards such as prizes, gifts or monetary incentives. Avoid these temptations. While the offers may sound good in the short-term, in the long run, consumers who tend to spend and carry multiple cards also tend to raise their balances of money owed to credit companies even higher.  By keeping a minimal line of credit open, you better track credit card debt and limit spending. Maintaining a small number of accounts also prevents compulsive spending, which can lead to maxing out credit limits on a number of different cards.

Bad credit card habits

Limiting the number of credit cards also prevents the credit score problems associated with too many high balances on lines of credit. Not to mention carrying too many cards also increases the risk of loss or theft. With all the data breaches occurring these days, it’s smart to be able to easily keep track of the lines of credit open so quick action can be taken in the event personal information and/or financial data is exposed.

Try to Pay Your Statement in Full

A big mistake many consumers make is carrying balances over from month to month, especially those individuals who pay only the minimum balance. These kinds of bill-paying practices will only eventually lead to accumulated interest payments and higher debt, especially if the interest rate is high. For instance, the National Credit Union Administration points out that $1,500 in charges at 19 percent interest rate with minimum payments made (and no new charges or fees added) will take 8 or more years to pay off and result in approximately $889 extra in interest.

Play it smart, if you’re in credit card debt, work to find ways to make more than the minimum payment if you can’t pay it off in full after making the purchases. Sometimes changing other spending habits (not credit-related) can help accomplish this goal.

Shift to Cash

One of the best ways to avoid falling into the credit card pitfalls is to switch to cash. While far less convenient, cash is finite, when it runs out, no more money can be spent. By establishing a monthly budget, you’ll know exactly what you have and what you can afford to spend. If you need to carry a card (and this is probably a good idea – but just one card), use it only in the event of a true emergency. This way when the bill arrives, there is no surprise at the amount on the statement, and the balance won’t be out of control from frivolous or unnecessary impulse spending. And remember, don’t ever use an ATM to get cash using a credit card, those interest rates are typically much higher than if you were to charge a purchase directly.

Bad credit card habits have had a negative impact on many consumers. Credit cards can definitely be of value when used properly, but bad practices can send an individual spiraling into debt before they’ve realized what’s happening. To avoid these kinds of debt traps, establish good spending and tracking habits and those bad credit card habits can easily be kicked.

If you wish to know about the medical billing portal in the united state that works for the associated hospital and service provider. you can easily get the list of top most popular billing portal.

Best Credit Cards for Students – Complete Explanation

Best Credit Cards for Students – When you send your kids off to college. They may have a laptop, a mini-fridge, and some new clothes. And many freshmen are also carrying their first credit card. There are pros and cons to handing a young adult a credit card, and the advantages often outweigh the disadvantages. There are also some cards that are better suited to young people than others.

Why credit cards are good for students?

Parents most often give Junior a credit card because it will be handy in an emergency, will make it easy for him to pay for things without carrying around a lot of cash, and will help him develop some money management skills. Further, these days a lot of shopping is done online, where cash is not king.

Another excellent reason is that owning a credit card enables him to start establishing a credit history. Later in life, he will want to borrow money for a mortgage or car loan, and the credit score that influences his interest rate will be based partly on how long and how responsibly he has used credit.

An upside for parents is that if they’ve cosigned on the card, they should receive monthly statements, too, and can keep an eye on their kid’s spending. If $300 is going to Bruno’s House of Pizza every month, they can bring that up.

Credit Cards are problematic for young people?

Of course, there are downsides to collegians carrying credit cards, too. For starters, remember that many students graduate with significant student loan debt. and overspending on credit cards can add to an already heavy debt burden. (One study estimates that among the class of 2020 grads who have student loans, the average owes $33,000.)

The goal of building a strong credit history early can be thwarted if bills aren’t paid on time, as that lowers a credit score. (If a parent cosigns for the card, then the parent’s credit score can take a hit, too.) The cards themselves are problematic, too, with many bearing steep interest rates (often after a low teaser rate expires) and annual fees.

It’s also important for young people to learn how to save, and that can be hard if it’s easy to spend — or if all extra cash is going toward debt repayments because debt has piled up.

What to do?

Some parents choose to start their kids off with debit cards, so that money management skills can be learned without the risk of debt. But if credit cards make more sense to you, here are some tips.

Set ground rules and expectations. For example, you might expect your child to pay off each month’s bill on time, and you might limit the card’s use to school-related expenses (such as books) instead of entertainment. Have a conversation about using credit cards wisely. Point out the danger of steep interest rates and fees, as well as the importance of keeping cards secure and not using them online on public networks, lest your kids fall prey to identity thieves.

Some credit cards for students to consider?

Below are few credit cards recommended by the folks at CardHub.com, who reviewed more than 1,000 credit card offers to find which cards offer the most significant savings and rewards while teaching college students the importance of money management.

  • Journey Student Rewards from Capital One: 1% cashback on all purchases plus a 25% bonus on your cash-back reward for paying your bill on time each month; net 1.25% cashback for every dollar you spend; no annual fee.
  • Bank Americard Cash Rewards for Students: 3% cashback on gas and 2% on groceries (up to $1,500 of combined net purchases in both categories); 1% cashback on everything else; online-exclusive $100 initial rewards bonus for spending $500 in first 90 days; 10% bonus when redeeming rewards as a direct deposit to a Bank of America savings or checking account; no annual fee.
  • SunTrust Secured Credit Card: For students planning to charge more than $325 per month, this secured card will more than pay for its $39 annual fee. The 2% cashback on gas, grocery, and drug-store purchases for the first 6 months, and then 1% cashback on all qualifying purchases thereafter.
  • Capital One Secured MasterCard: Security deposit as low as $49 for $200 credit line; $29 annual fee.

When deciding whether to give your kid a credit card to use, think things through carefully. Depending on how it’s used, a credit card can either make or break the owner’s financial standing.

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If you have any medical billing, which you got at the time of treatment of himself or their family. You can easily pay your bill here.  There is the various hospitals that accept payments through a third-party site. One of them is peryourhealth.com through it you can pay your bills easily. You will need not to pay any extra charge it is completely free of cost. So I’ll recommend you try at least one time and share your experience with us.

8 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Life is easier when you have a good credit score. You’ve got a better chance of getting a loan or credit card and of getting the best interest rates. A good score can even help you get a lower price for car insurance.

What’s a good score -: Most credit scores range from 300 to 850. FICO is the credit scoring model most commonly used by lenders. According to FICO, if you’ve got a score of 740 or above, you’re doing stellar. Folks in this range are the most likely to get approved for credit, and they will enjoy the lowest interest rates.

A score of 670 to 739 is good, but it might not earn you the lowest interest rates. And a score of 669 or below may get you turned down for credit. Even if you are approved, you’ll likely pay higher interest rates than people with better scores. So you should use your credit card to pay the medical bill and many more. There is a huge medical billing portal but one of the most popular is peryourhealth.com

If you’re not happy with your credit score, there are ways to improve it. Try one or more of these tips to turn yours around.

Credit Score

1. Check your credit report

You should do this regularly anyway to look for errors. Your credit report may also clue you into why your credit score is lower than you’d like.

Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union are the three main credit bureaus, and you’re allowed one free credit report from each of them every year. The easiest way to get your reports is to visit AnnualCreditReport.com, which provides reports from all three bureaus.

Once you have your reports, check them for errors. Do you see accounts marked as late that you remember paying on time? Are there accounts or applications for credit that you don’t recognize? You can dispute errors online through the credit bureau websites. But to be safe, write old-fashioned letters to each bureau and send the letters via registered mail. Also, ask the creditors that gave the information to the credit bureaus to make corrections.

2.  Correct your own past mistakes

Perhaps your financial gaffes are hurting your credit. Maybe you paid late once or twice last year because you forgot the due date. Call and ask the lender if they will forgive those late payments. Explain why you paid late. If you’ve otherwise been a good customer, then chances are the lender will remove the late payment from your credit report.

If you have accounts in collections, come up with a plan to pay them off ASAP. Ask the creditor to remove the accounts from your credit report or mark them “paid as agreed.” Even if the creditor refuses, having the accounts paid off will still help your credit.

3. Pay all of your bills on time

This is a big deal. Your payment history makes up the biggest component of your credit score. That’s why it’s so important that you pay on time, every time. Are you forgetful or just busy with life? Set up due to date alerts or auto-pay arrangements for your bills. Depending on the biller, you may also be able to choose your due date so it falls near payday.

4. Stay well below your credit limits

Your credit utilization ratio measures how much of your available credit you’re using. It’s the second most important part of your credit score. The rule of thumb is to keep your credit utilization under 30%. Even better, keep it below 10%.

Your score counts both your overall credit utilization and your utilization for individual accounts. Say your overall utilization is under 30% but you’ve still got one credit card close to being maxed out. That one account could hurt your credit score and you should work toward bringing that balance down.

5. Pay down your debts

To improve your credit utilization ratio, you need to lower your balances, increase the amount of available credit you have, or both. The best thing is to pay down your balances.

Say the credit limit on all of your credit cards is $10,000 and your balances total $5,000. That means you’re using half of your available credit. Paying off $2,000 of debt will lower your credit utilization to 30% and bump your credit score up quickly. Paying off $4,000 and lowering your utilization to 10% would boost your score even further. Any amount you pay would also help your overall financial health.

Tackle balances on your cards with the highest utilization first. This might be relatively easy if you’ve got retail cards with low credit limits. Putting $200 toward your $300 limit store card can make a big difference.

6. Ask for a credit limit increase

If you can’t pay down your existing debt quickly, see if any of your credit card companies will raise your credit limit. But keep in mind that most card issuers will only do this if you’ve had a good record with them. If you’ve had late payments in the past year, you may not be able to get the increase.

Also, check your motivations. Will a higher credit limit tempt you to spend more? If so, don’t ask for one. You’ll be worse off than if you’d never gotten the credit limit increase.

7. Sign up for a new credit card

If you’re new to credit, getting a credit card will help you gain some credit history. That’s another important factor in determining your credit score.

You may find, however, that your low credit score is keeping you from getting approved. In that case, look for a secured credit card. With a secured card, you put down a deposit close to or equal to your credit limit. The deposit ensures you’re not going to default. That’s why secured cards are easy to get. Just be sure to get a card that reports your on-time payments to the major credit bureaus.

If your credit score is tanking because you’ve got too much debt, try to get a balance transfer card with a 0% APR introductory period. That will allow you to transfer your existing debt over and at least give you some relief from interest for a while. It will also improve your credit utilization — as long as you don’t ring up new purchases on the card.

8. Keep existing cards open

Canceling cards drop your available credit, which lowers your credit score. One way to keep the card active is to use it for a recurring charge, such as a gym membership or streaming video service. Then pay it off on time every month.

Good credit scores don’t happen overnight, but you can improve your score a lot within a few months. Your patience will eventually pay off. Better credit raises your chance of qualifying for loans or credit cards. You should earn lower interest rates, too. Even small improvements may open up options you don’t have right now.

Will there be a Rotten Tomatoes for healthcare

Rotten Tomatoes for healthcare?

So, if we are taking the time to apply that level of scrutiny to review films on a site like Rotten Tomatoes, how long will it be before we begin applying that same critical lens and rating system to physicians or a healthcare system.

The reality is that it’s already happening—just not how one might expect.

Sharing means caring – Rotten Tomato?

A recent survey shows that 70 percent of young Millennials choose their doctors based upon recommendations from family and friends, which means that word of mouth is the primary source of new business for providers among this demographic.  However, this group is also less apt to provide feedback to their physicians when they are unhappy with their care, they tell their friends—and this can pose a big problem for healthcare organizations.  What happens when Millennials turn to social media and online forums to share negative feedback to the masses unbeknownst to the physician who failed to meet their expectations. With Millennials on the verge of surpassing Baby Boomers as the largest living generation, providers need to come up with strategies to solicit input from their younger patients and communicate more effectively with them in new and different ways.

Physician reputations at risk

Millennials are estimated to spend $200 billion by 2017 and nearly $10 trillion over their lifetime, and they are savvy shoppers.  As digital natives, most have grown up with access to online resources, so researching a question or looking up a product review is second nature.  In fact, a recent study found that “more than twice as many millennials as non-millennials use mobile devices to research products and read user reviews while shopping,” which means we are fast approaching a new paradigm in healthcare: one where online patient reviews of clinicians will increasingly drive business.

Just like Rotten Tomatoes, new sites culling physician scorecards as well as quality metrics are emerging, and patients will take them into account as they select their care providers.  But in addition to changing how people shop for healthcare, having this information available for the first time will also impact physicians’ reputations and the referral system.  Physicians won’t recommend specialists who have low scores as it will call their credibility into question, and what provider or payer wants to back the physician at the bottom of online scorecards or with a 20% approval rating? This change is a surprise to most doctors who, until now, have not worried about online profiles because it wasn’t personal, historically they’ve always been associated with hospitals or large groups.

How do you look, Dr. Welby?

This puts good physicians who are poor at clinical documentation at risk.  They could be treating very ill patients, but if the severity of that patient’s condition isn’t reflected in her record, the numbers will be skewed and they look like bad doctors.

While it may seem daunting, this is really about transparency between physicians and their patients.  We are a different society than we were 20, 30, or 50 years ago, and people want and frankly need to become more involved in their own care.  Quite literally, they have the most skin in the game.  Being able to research and choose physicians based on important criteria such as the amount of quality discussion time, eye contact and other bedside manners, as well as health outcomes is the right of every patient.  After all, trust and comfort are at the core of healing and good care. The key to success in this new world of healthcare centers around accuracy, getting credit for the care physicians provide to their patients each and every day and being appropriately reimbursed for those expected outcomes.

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